Rating System for Low-Code and No-Code Platforms

As I stated in my opening post (Ready? Launch!) one part of this blog is testing Low-Code and No-Code products. Although I’m more of a techie, which means for me it’s a lot of fun trying different products, I also want to share my experiences with you. Now I’m already very familiar with Intrexx from my daily work at United Planet, but I still want to give a fair review to all products. That’s why I try to standardize my reviews, so they hopefully turn out objective.

The goal is to have a (Ninja^^)-Star-Rating like this:



In this category, you can read about actual low-code solutions. I’ll post about a wide range of requirements that I needed to solve as a Low-Code Consultant.


Since the market of low-code products is very fast growing, I want to give you a summary about the products out there.