Ready? Launch!

Hi! My name is Martin and today I launched this blog. As the Low-Code Ninja I want to give insights into low-code development, from a technical point of view. You can read more about me on the “about me” page.

The blog ist divided in three areas: Development, News and Products. In these I want to share solutions and “snippets”(can you call them snippets in low-code if they don’t contain any coding?) I built, as well as experimental stuff. Also I want to post News from the world of low-code and give an overview over the different low-code products out there.

Even though the blogs main topic is about low-code, I will also mix in some things from the no-code world as well. Both worlds common goal is to speed up development without the need of coding. So they are very close and there will be overlappings.

And now I want to wish you fun following my blog!

Oh and I nearly forgot: English isn’t my first language. So please excuse me, if I use some weird words or sentences every now and then.

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