AJAX-Calls in a Low-Code Environment

If you want to get data from a database or a web service, you usually have to fill an HTML-form, click a submit-button and wait for the server to send the content of the target-page. So you reload the whole page every time you need new data.

With AJAX the server is called from a JavaScript function. The same JavaScript function receives the result, which now may be a data-structure instead of a well-formed HTML page, and decides what to do with this data. This all is done without reloading the page.

In this post I’ll show you how you can use AJAX in Intrexx to call a Groovy script.

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Integrate Instant Messenger into a Low-Code Environment

There are a lot of different ways to communicate inside companies. In smaller businesses it’s more likely to just talk to each other or send emails. However, if the company grows there is a point where companies need to offer additional ways to exchange information. One of these additional technologies would be instant messaging. There are multiple providers of such applications, most of them are hosted outside of your company. With Intrexx it’s possible to integrate the free real time collaboration server Openfire for XMPP(Jabber) into your company portal using a jQuery XMPP plugin. Openfire can be hosted in your own environment, used for free and is therefor a good alternative for instant messaging.

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Include JavaScript Library in your Intrexx Application

As most of the people I also don’t like to reinvent the wheel. This is why, when I have to code something, I try to use existing, usually even free, code libraries to work with. Since most of them are also open source, I can be pretty sure they are of high quality and used and tested very often.

In Intrexx you can include two types of external libraries. Java libraries as well as JavaScript libraries. In this post I will show you how to include a JavaScript library in Intrexx and how to include the library in the application package, so that it will be exported and later imported together with the rest of the package.

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