Version 20.03 of Intrexx is released!

Today version 20.03 of Intrexx was released! 20.03 is an STS version, which means it’s only supported for the next 6 months, until the next STS version will be out. The next LTS version will be 21.03 which is due in March 2021.

Here is a quick overview over the new features.

  • Sub-selects: In earlier versions of Intrexx you were able to add sub-selects to filters, by editing the XML of the filter manually. These times are over! There is a new dialog that helps you building any kind of sub-select without the need to learn XML!
  • Global workflow-user: Workflows have to be executed as a user. In the past you needed to select a user for that each time you created a Workflow-Timer. Now you can choose a default user that is used if no other user is chosen by the application developer.
  • Better Style Options: Styling is something that is very hard for me. Good thing there are new options in the Style dialog, that make things a lot easier.
  • Dependencies for the distribution-control: Now this is huge! developers waited for this feature for ages and now you can finally use dependencies with the distribution-control as well!
  • Filter for Bindings: In 19.03 the Bindings were introduced to Intrexx, but they were still missing from the filter-dialog. As the sub-selects, you can use them directly in the dialog now!
  • New Responsive Gallery! The gallery was somewhat old and hard to style in the past. It looks like the future is way more responsive!
  • WebSockets: Fiiiiinally! Intrexx really had problems offering WebSockets in the past. But the introduction of the new business-logic 2019 built the foundation for this and many other cool features.

These are incredible new features that I’ll definitely write about in the next few weeks.

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